Banking Law - 3rd Edition and 1st supplement, by John Breslin

Author : John Breslin
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 18/06/2013
ISBN: 9781858006840
Jurisdiction: Ireland

John Breslin's third edition of Banking Law provides you with a comprehensive insight into the increasingly complex area of banking law. By covering all key legislation and case law, this essential title provides a definitive practical reference for any lawyer advising a bank, or for a bank's in-house legal team.

This essential desktop companion gives you:

  • Coverage of the statutory structure for the regulation of banks
  • Complete information on anti-money laundering and terrorist finance provisions
  • An in-depth explanation of civil law issues concerning the bank and its customers
  • Full discussion of the law of payment instruments
  • Coverage of forms of security
  • Updates on the enforcement of security

New to this Edition:

  • Analysis of "post credit-crunch" regulatory structure
  • A comprehensive review of case law concerning the Financial Services Ombudsman
  • Analysis of recent case law on the interpretation of loan contracts
  • In-depth analysis of the law of guarantees
  • Impact of the Personal Insolvency Act 2013 on a bank's security interests

First Supplement includes:

  • Changes to the regulatory structure in the light of the Single Supervisory Mechanism
  • The Companies Act 2014 and its impact on corporate security
  • The Consumer Protection (Regulation of Credit Servicing Firms) Bill
  • Case law on the proof of bank debt in civil proceedings against borrowers/guarantors
  • New Central Bank enforcement powers
  • The decision of the Supreme Court in Quinn v Irish Bank Resolution Corp Ltd (In Special Liquidation) [2015] IESC 29 and in O Donnell v Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland [2014] IESC 77

About the Author

John is the author of "Banking Law", which is the pre-eminent text in Ireland on the topic. It is now in its third edition and is regularly updated. John has practised as a barrister and a solicitor in both the UK and in Ireland and in 2011 was appointed as a Senior Counsel. John is a partner in Maples and Calder's Dublin office and is a leading expert in banking and financial services regulatory law.