Discovery and Disclosure - 2nd Edition and 1st supplement, by William Abrahamson, James Dwyer and Andrew Fitzpatrick

Author: William Abrahamson
Author : James Dwyer
Author : Andrew Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 11/12/2013
ISBN: 9781858007175
Jurisdiction: Ireland

Discovery & Disclosure - 2nd edition is written by practitioners with the practitioner in mind, and thus gives you a thorough understanding of discovery and disclosure procedures in both civil and criminal cases, and an examination of the important procedural differences that you need to be aware of. This unique reference source gives you unique guidance to the application of discovery and disclosure before quasi-judicial bodies such as the EAT, coroner's courts and tribunals of inquiry, but also provides a useful examination of all the latest civil and criminal case law that has impacted on the subject.

New to this Edition

  • Significantly expanded criminal section covering particular types of disclosure, such as expert evidence, background material in sex cases, drug valuations, police complaint material, opinion of membership of an unlawful organisation
  • A section on discovery in Criminal Assets Bureau cases
  • A section on discovery in extradition
  • A section on electronic discovery

Since the second edition of Discovery and Disclosure in 2013 there have been a number of significant developments in the area of litigation.

The first supplement brings the main work up to date to 2015 and deals with the developments in litigation since the publication of the 2nd edition.

New to this supplement:

  • Incorporates the Courts and Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013
  • Includes a brand new chapter on Procedure for Seeking Discovery in the District Court, to cover changes brought about by District Court (Civil Procedure) Rules (S.I. No. 17 of 2014)
  • Examines and analyses major developments in the area of privilege

About the Authors

William Abrahamson, James B. Dwyer and Andrew Fitzpatrick are all practising barristers.

James Dwyer

James Dwyer is a practising barrister having been called to the bar in 2001. A large part of his practice comprises the prosecution and defence of criminal cases at both trial and appellate level. He also specialises in judicial review and constitutional cases in which he appears for both State parties and private citizens. He frequently practises before the Circuit Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

James is also a frequent author of articles relating to various matters with a particular emphasis on criminal practice and procedure. He also speaks regularly in conferences and in the Kings Inns. He has a background in journalism. James is from Dublin and practises in Dublin for the most part.